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QLT wholesale is exclusive distributor of LEGA products in foreign countries out of Lithuania

About Lega

The private company “Lega“ was established in Lithuania in 2004. The main goal of the company is to provide comfortable, stylish, beautiful, high-quality products marked with the company’s brand “Lega”. Therefore, the slogan of our company is “Joy for your Body!” As a result company offers the best possible combination – a great price for great-quality items.

Lega“Lega” creates clothes for women, men and children of all age groups. Customers can choose from a wide range of both sizes and colours. “Lega” constantly updates collection with new products. In addition, they design products for special occasions such as Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day.

“Lega” lingerie is made out of cotton. The fiber itself is produced from the bloom of the cotton plant, which consists of many thin naps that softly stoke the skin, making it feel light, tender and relaxed. Cotton is extremely hygienic, light, soft and durable. It absorbs sweat and allows your skin to breathe. Cotton lingerie wraps your body with warmth and comfort. Wearing cotton clothing brings you closer to nature! Fabric made out of knitted cotton has elastan in it, which ensures that clothes do not lose their form after washing.


“Lega” offers you romantic, sexy and subtle, high-quality knitted products. All of products are divers in their range of colours: everything from warm pastel colours, to bright provocative ones.

The company uses multicoloured elastic laces when designing women’s pajamas and nighties. Stylish laces are embroidered with elegant flowers, little leaves and graceful geometric lines that will make every girl and every woman feel playful yet elegant, sexy yet romantic. Every woman will become a goddess radiating with love, beauty and tenderness.